Your Compelling Story is Crucial to Your Brand.

Let us show you how to use it to change your life.

You already know that published authors shine as the experts. They get more clients, speaking gigs, prestige, and new opportunities. If you have dreamed of taking your business beyond anything you’ve imagined, this is the place for you. We help you crystallise your unique experience and your expertise to launch a new phase of your career.

We  work with you to quickly develop your content, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A WRITER. We provide coaching and strategy as well as the tools you need to carry out your plan: branding, web design, social media setup and design, video, publication and promotion.

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Your unique story, plus your expertise, makes powerful content. Let us show you how to hone it, or even produce it for you.

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What our customers say about us

“…What I actually got:  a cover for my cookbook, A Dance in the Kitchen, to which everyone responds with enthusiasm; a website, equally well-designed, which allows me to add all kinds of things (additional recipes, essays about food, and a blog which addresses larger issues than just food); press releases; reviewers; a You Tube interview of me talking about the book; business cards; a radio interview; several book fair opportunities; a Farmers Market event; and a connection with a bookstore for a Launch Party.  And more.  All for half the price I paid out ten years ago for a book less than half the size.

But those are things.  What I really got was encouragement, confidence (especially around new technology), and an advocate.”

Robert Dove McClellanAuthor of A Dance in the Kitchen#

“Working with Jenny Hudson and Merrimack Media has been a revelation. My idea for an exercise book for new grandmothers was going nowhere for more than two years. I was completely overwhelmed and at a loss about how to shape my idea into a coherent and marketable product. One afternoon of “talking my book” with Jenny has gotten my project up and running. With Jenny’s continuing personal guidance, I have been able to organize my idea into meaningful content for a book. And that’s just the start. Jenny is a whiz at promotion and has many creative ideas on how to promote my book and my business. She has redesigned my website to make it more contemporary and user-friendly and has taught me how to navigate and manage my social media presence on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. She is a good “coach”; understanding but firm about holding me accountable to my goals.

I am so pleased with my decision to work with Jenny and Merrimack Media.
I never would have gotten this project off the ground without her. “

real fitness for real people

Valli McRoberts Weiss

Who are we? What do we do?

We work with independent authors to help them share their expertise and increase their opportunities. Owner, Jenny Hudson’s concise, motivational presentations both inspire and teach what authors and entrepreneurs need to know to succeed. She and her team delight in helping authors develop their content, publishing them with world-wide distribution and promoting them to help them succeed. Through her self-publishing business, Merrimack Media, she has published scores of writers and helped them strategize and implement their promotional programs and has observed amazing transformations in their lives.

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